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Welcome to My Homepage
(Last Updated - 30th December 2013)

Gabriel Virasak Coomber - Born: 25th September 2002 - Click here for Photo Album.
Natalie Alunapar Coomber - Born: 27th February 2004 - Click here for Photo Album.
Kate Anathip Coomber - Born: 24th May 2005 - Click here for Photo Album.

Kate (3), Natalie (4) & Gabriel (5) - Aug 2008

Round The World (1998 to 2000) - Photographs, maps and travel logs from our 2 year round the world journey through 39 countries.
Round The World (1996) - Photographs, maps and stories from my 8 month solo journey around the world.
Lands End to John O'Groats (1978) - Photographs from a bicycle trip, back when I was 16, from one end of the UK to the other.
Leeds Wellington Cycling Club - Website for LWCC celebrating 100 Years of cycling, 1904 to 2004.
Genesis - More Tricks From the Wardrobe - News, concert guide, rare MP3's, links and information about the greatest band on earth. Check out my 72 Genesis concert tickets!
Concert List - A complete list of the 100's of bands and artists that I have seen in concert since 1976.
Mucic Links - Links to some of my favourite artists sites, venues, music search and music news.
Concert Photographs - A new section of some of my concert photographs.

Born: Leeds, ENGLAND.
DOB: 27th Nov 1961.
Residence: Virginia, USA (Since 1987).
Occupation: Engineer.
- BS(c) Mechanical Engineering.
- MS(c) Manufacturing / Robotics.
Nigel Coomber's Resume (CV).

Phonethip RATTANA:
Born: Vientienne, LAOS.
DOB: 10th Feb 1969.
Residence: Virginia, USA (Since 1985).
Occupation: Office Supervisor.
Qualifications: AS Social Studies.
Phonethip Rattana's Resume


MUG SHOTS: (Click on the Photographs to see enlargements)
Virginia 1997
Virginia 1998
Virginia 2000

Scotland, 1999

Australia, 2000.

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