Welcome, I have been captivated by the music of Genesis since 1976. Their music is heard at its best when performed live and I have now seen GENESIS 72 times all over the world.
The focus on this web site is about Genesis music (and related artists) live. Many other web sites have excellent discography and history pages so I will not try to recreate their efforts here.
Click on the photo's below to see GENESIS in 1973, 1984 and 1997.

Genesis 1973 - Banks, Rutherford, Collins, Gabriel and Hackett Genesis 1984 - Banks, Rutherford, Collins, Thompson and Stuermer Genesis 1997 - Banks, Rutherford, Wilson and Zidkyahu

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Reunion NEWS: (Updated on 20th Oct 2006)
  • Genesis, Oct 2006 - press conference Mike, Tony and Phil have been rehearsing in a studio in NYC during October. On Nov 7th a Press Conference will be held in London to announce the TURN IT ON AGAIN - the tour 2007.
  • Genesis, June 2004 - Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike RutherfordMike and Tony joins Phil backstage after a recent Phil Collins Farewell Show in London, June 2004, to present an award to their manager Tony Smith
  • Nov 2001 saw Mike, Tony and Phil doing a promo reunion for the new "The Way We Walk DVD" released 26th Nov 2001 by Gut Vision (available on the Official Genesis Site).
    Genesis, Nov 2001 - Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks Genesis, Nov 2001 - Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks Genesis, Nov 2001 - Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks Genesis, Nov 2001 - Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks
    (Click on recent photo's above to enlarge)
  • GENESIS reunited at a private ceremony in London, to honour Tony Smith, on 21st Sept 2000. Genesis were Phil, Mike and Tony w/ Daryl and set list was: Invisible Touch / Follow You / I Can't Dance // Turn It On Again.
    Genesis 21st Sept 2000 - Stuermer, Rutherford, Banks and Collins Genesis 21st Sept 2000 - Phil Collins and Tony Banks Genesis 21st Sept 2000 - Daryl Stuermer Genesis 21st Sept 2000 - Mike Rutherford
    Peter Gabriel joined the band for a photo at the end of the show (Click all photo's to enlarge). A cool video of 'I Can't Dance' can be found at the Genesis Official Web Site.
    Genesis 21st Sept 2000 - Stuermer, Tony Smith, Rutherford, Banks, Collins and Gabriel When asked about a "public" reunion Tony said: "There is no doubt that if we got together, even for those who liked us, it would be a major disappointment. Most revivals are. And that's one good reason for avoiding them. But, if you just do something retrospective and you play old songs or as Phil says you get together and do something that is not trying to be the group, then that is very different I think."
  • A reunion (of sorts) of early period Genesis members took place at London Heathrow airport on 11th May 98 to help promote the box set. The reunion of past members featured Banks / Rutherford / Collins / Hackett / Gabriel with Ant Phillips and John Silver. Click on the photo's below to enlarge.
    Genesis at Heathrow 11th May 98 - Click here to enlarge

    Click here for other Reunion Pictures.
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